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F.I.I.F.A. Elite

First International Independent Finder's Association is an International Association


FIIFA is not an Employer, people that join FIIFA must be Independent. (Independent Contractors)

Who should join this International Association? Any person that needs assistance in buying or selling anything of value no matter where situated.

Please do not join this Association just because it is Free to join.

Dear Reader,

My name is Dalli, I created FIIFA.com and Dalli.com in 1998 and due to such experience; I have learned that I needed to make drastic changes; which I have done via my new Association called 'F.I.I.F.A. Elite'

and via my other 12 Web sites...

My intent is to offer people unmatched Service and I believe that I have accomplished so in a unique and Positive manner; see below...

This Presentation consists of several Unique Offers:

If you are a Licensed Real Estate Broker situated near San Francisco, California USA, you are invited to List your Income Producing Properties with me for Free and you get to keep 100% of your Commissions if I sell your Listings to my Foreign Investors! (This is made clear below) If you sell your own Listings, you would not be obligated to me whatsoever for having advertised your Listings with me on my Web sites...

I am offering you my time, my knowledge and what I have created for Free... I own a total of 13 Web sites includineg this one ...

A Friendly Statement:

Presently over 10,000 have registered on my Web sites, I am hoping that after you read this Presentation you will agree with me that it is a good idea to increase the number of FIIFA Elite Associates for numerous reasons...

I am also hoping that when it comes to Advertising you will see things as I do and if you happen to have your own association or be part of a different Association that you will be compelled to let such people know about my newly revised FIIFA Elite Association.

Having stated so, whatever you do, Please Do Not Spam.

Besides you having your own Association or being on a list with another Company there is yet another way to help increase FIIFA’s Association and that is via Pyramiding/Domino Effect...meaning simply by you Telling your Friends via Email and your friends tell their Friends, etc, etc... etc...

The following are my Web sites and you may have registered on one of them:

1) www.fiifaelite.com An International Association/People helping people. (A Humanitarian Site.)

2) www.dalli.com Real Estate and Humanitarian (The Sponsor of all 12 other Dalli Websites)

3) www.dalligold.comActing as a Gold Broker for Buyers and Sellers. Business and Humanitarian.

4) www.dalliandroyalty.comInviting Foreign Investors to buy Real Estate in the USA (StrictlyBusiness)

5) www.allnationsgottalent.com Free Entertainment for all, best seats in the House! (A FUN Humanitarian Site)

6) www.thedallitalentshow.com Inviting people Worldwide to participate (A Humanitarian Site)

7) www.dalliworksofartshowcase.comThis is Brand New, to Show Case Original Works of Art (Business)

8) www.dallifreeadvertising.comAs it implies, conditionally I am offering free Advertising.

9) www.funtasea.comMy Big Dream for deserving Seniors and to help Children

10) www.aquarant.netAbout my Invention (An Attraction for large Hotels in need of better occupancy)

11) www.win-win-win.usThis is a FUN Web site it contains several of my Concepts/Inventions... Enjoy...

12) www.floodsandforestfires.comThis is a Humanitarian site

13) www.thehonestlist.com This is a Positive one of a kind Site for Honest Gold Sellers and Gold Buyers.

'The 14th Wonderful Element'

This is the 14th Element: Our Mountain Growers

I am proud to Present to you this Web site which does not belong to me! This Web site belongs to my Friend Mr. Jason Brown who also happens to be a Web Developer, Designer and Webmaster Extraordinaire...

I see FIIFA Elite not just an Association geared to help others make more money in their spare time, but an Association that could cause my long time Humanitarian Dream 'FUNTASEA' to come to fruition and in the process I am hoping that your personal life will change for the better as well. (FUNTASEA is my Dream and I hope to make it happen from money earned by me and by promoting it to Governments Worldwide).

The reason for this Presentation:

1) We have revised/condensed most of the above Web sites. (Please review them when able, you may see something that could be of interest to you).

2) If you are already a FIIFA of old Member great, but please join F.I.I.F.A. Elite now, it is Free with No Strings attached and you will not be asked to upgrade later for any fees. (Save this Presentation for your Assurance/my Guarantee). If you do not know or recall if you are registered, you can check by trying to Register for our newsletter updates HERE... If you are already registered, the script will tell you... If NOT, it will register you automatically! You can unsubscribe at any time. No Hassles, No Questions.

3) As I already stated I created FIIFA as an association for Finders back in 1998, however, as of recent; I have made numerous changes and additions for the better of course via my New Association: F.I.I.F.A. Elite

4) I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California and if you are a Licensed Real Estate Broker near San Francisco, California, USA and you have Listings consisting of Income Producing Properties valued at $5 Million USD and above, it would be to your advantage to advertise your listings with me for Free and if I sell your Listing to my Foreign Investors, even though I am Licensed Broker in the State of California you get to keep your full Commission 100%! (My Investors would pay me. No problem).

I am only interested in Advertising prime Income Producing Properties situated in or near San Francisco, California, USA and such will be placed at: www.dallifreeadvertising.com at no cost to you.

This is what I mean by Income Producing Properties:

Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Motels, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Industrial buildings, Hospitals, etc...

Real Estate Brokers / Agents, you are invited to join FIIFAElite in order to receive updates and Free Advertising. If you want to advertise your Listings with me, I will need a clear synopsis of your Listings and clear Photos of such properties. (In JPG or PNG format).

5) I am also offering for Free my Forwarding Service to people that deal in many other things other than Real Estate. 'Free means Free' until sales are made. Please keep reading...

Let me explain, let's say that you have clients wanting to Buy or Sell: Oil, Bank Notes, Ships, Expensive Boats/Yachts, Airplanes, Gold, Diamonds, Commodities, etc... And you wish to advertise such, you are invited to send to me what you wish advertised and in turn I will forward what you send to me to my List of FIIFA Elite Finders. (If it makes sense to advertise such on my Web Sites I would do so free of charge).

My Forwarding Service/Advertising is free; however, once a sale is made due to my forwarding/advertising involvement and my time, you would need to pay to me only 10% of the gross of what you earn as a Commission. In such a situation I am offering to be your 'Finder' via my list of FIIFA Elite Associates. (With the understanding that you would do all of the work when it comes to Selling or Buying the items you send to me to forward to my List of FIIFA Elite Associates).

There are Exceptions to the above and they are in your favor; here is one Example:

Let's say you are acting as a representative for Gold Sellers, when it comes to Commissions, you make your own arrangements with your Seller and if I make the Purchase, you get to keep 100% of what you get paid from your Seller.

What arrangements you make with your Clients are of no concern to me, however, there is a condition and that is that you introduce me to your Clients and you will allow me to deal with your Clients directly. Please do not introduce me to a chain of Brokers, Mandates, Agents, Representatives, etc.

I repeat with your OK, I will only communicate directly with your Clients. If this is outside your comfort zone, do not introduce me to any of your Clients.

The above Example also holds true with other items such as Diamonds, Copper Cathodes and anything else where you get paid by your Clients and I get paid by my Clients. (You get to keep 100% of your Commissions and I get to keep 100% of my Commissions.

A Special Note to any of you that have no clients whatsoever...

If thisis you, no problem, you are now in a position to create your own business! (In a sense I am helping you tostart your own business to be self employed Part Time). How?

Simply this; I have stated above that for my Forwarding Service I would only receive 10% of the 100% compensation of any successful closing if a transaction comes to be due to my service. (Not in Real Estate Transactions but on almost everything else) This means that from the total commission involved, 90% goes to the Agent that advertises via my service and I get to receive only 10% of the same Commission.

Hence, I see no reason why as a 'Finder' you cannot request let us say 20% or 30% of the 90% as indicated above, by offering my Forwarding Service to other Agents that have clients and need to Advertise what they wish to sell or buy. (Such People would need to join F.I.I.F.A. Elite to receive my Service)

You will be required to make your own arrangements with Agents accepting you as their Finder. (Make sure you are protected in writing before you introduce any Agent to me that has items valued at $5 Million USD and above and would want to receive my forwarding Service).

Please do not Join FIIFA Elite just because it is Free, join FIIFA Elite if you wish to start your own business or if you have Clients that wish to sell or buy anything that is legal and of high value. (To make it worth our while, I Prefer to advertise high end items valued at $5 Million USD and above).

Spreading the Word:

It will be wise for you to spread the WORD regarding this new FIIFA Elite Association because the larger the Association in number the better the chances of successfully finding Real Buyers and/or Real Sellers or Brokers and Agents to accommodate what would be needed or wanted... (It is in fact a Numbers Game)

As an example of what I am trying to say, it is like comparing a small throw-away Newspaper with a small readership of let us say 3,000; versus Newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal having a readership of 36,000,000 digital visitors per month worldwide.

6) Please visit/review www.dallifreeadvertising.com, you will not believe what I am offering Real Estate Owners/Sellers and or their Broker! If they advertise their Property for Sale with me, at this very Web site www.dallifreeadvertising.com. I will not charge them a penny for placing their advertisements on this Web site; instead I am offering to pay them 1% of the selling price if I happen to make the sale of their Real Estate to my Foreign Investors.

Besides doing what I expressed above, when I make a sale to my Foreign Investors, my Investors will pay me.

This means that Sellers will not pay me a commission and if Sellers have their property listed with a Broker; their Broker gets to keep 100% of theCommission.

To my knowledge no one else is making such an offer to Real Estate Owners or to their Real Estate Broker.

Food for thought: I think by my above offer, offering Real Estate Owners 1% of what I would earn from my Foreign Investors, Agents could utilize my Offer to help obtain more Listings.

Furthermore, since I am also offering Brokers 1% of what I would earn from my Foreign Investors, Real Estate Sellers may see this as an Extra Incentive to the Broker they List their Properties with... Using an Old saying: 'Money Talks'.

In order to appreciate what I am offering I am willing to place a full page of Text and Images per Advertisement of approximately 600 Pixels wide by 1,200 Pixels in height in this Web site: www.dallifreeadvertising.com for Free as stated above; do you have any idea what it would cost to advertise half a Page in any News Paper having a large circulation, such as the Wall Street Journal or the L.A. Times just for one day? See: The Cost Of Advertising Nationally Broken Down By Medium make sure to see what it costs to advertise half a page just for one day!

Do you see the importance of your being a FIIFA Elite Associate and the value presented to Sellers, Buyers, Brokers and Finders by placing large Ads at www.dallifreeadvertising.com and my forwarding Service?

Do you see why you may want to help to spread the Word about FIIFA Elite in order for FIIFA Elite to grow in numbers?


You will need to send to me your text Advertisement and Images if you have any and if I accept what you send to me, such will be added at: www.dallifreeadvertising.com with no upfront money, hoping to be paid for my time (The 10% of your Brokers Commission) if and when transactions come to fruition due to my Service.

Are you on Board?

Jump in and join FIIFA Elite, the only Association of its kind.

Here is something also Different but Great! (About earning money and helping people at the same time).

7) It gives me great pleasure to introduce my long time friend and Web Master Jason and his wonderful business;

Jason's business is Humanitarian in nature but it is also about earning money to become self-sustaining and self-sufficient on a personal as well as community level. See for yourself at: Our Mountain Growers

Jason's business is about HEALTHY AFFORDABLE FOOD and much more... A must see... I recommend that you join Jason.

8) When you join FIIFA Elite, it is best to join FIIFA Elite with me and with Jason; the Form we use allows you to choose to work with me, with Jason or with both of us.

9) To see what Jason has in store for you, please contact him directly not me I have my business and Jason has his.

10) One way on how to contact Jason is to simply Click Here (Any Finder's Fee or Commission paid to you by Jason, you get to keep 100%). I have nothing to do with Jason's Business)

11) To be clear, as an International Finder with FIIFA Elite, you are not being offered a paying Job, you are being offered an opportunity to possibly earn a considerable amount of money in your spare time as an Independent contractor.

12) This opportunity would not cost you any money, (not a penny) however; it would require your time if you choose to act as a Finder, be it for me or for Jason.

13) What Jason and I are offering is ideal for retired people that have free time and money to live on and people that have jobs/income, sufficient money to live on and have some free time to act as stated above as Independent Finders.

14) If you are a FIIFA Member please Join FIIFA Elite as well for we are now using different Forms and different means to communicate and to send Updates.

15) I think it would be best if you were to join FIIFA Elite to work with me and join FIIFA Elite to work with Jason, by so doing you would receive updates from both of us.

Just to clarify the above, you are being offered the following:

I have suggested for you to Join FIIFA Elite to work with me and to work with Jason.

When you work with me, you could act as a Real Estate Finder by contacting Real Estate Brokers needing Free Advertising. (Properties situated near San Francisco, California, USA only)

You could be an owner of Income Producing Properties you wish to advertise with me to sell to my Foreign Investors. (Income Properties near San Francisco, California, USA)

If you are an Investor situated in California, I could act as your Broker since I am licensed in the State of California.

You could be a Real Estate Broker having Income Producing Listings (Real Estate) you wish Advertise with me to sell situated near San Francisco, California, USA.

You could be an Agent (Not a Real Estate Agent) having many legal things to sell valued at $5 million USD and above and wanting/needing my Forwarding / Advertising service.

If you choose to work with Jason, I suggest you do the following, read his presentation at: Our Mountain Growers. (Get a feel of Jasons business) Once Jason sees that you joined him, he will then make you an offer based on what he is seeking He may offer to you numerous legal money making scenarios. (Whatever you earn, you get to keep 100%)

One last thing, if you like what you see at my new Web site www.fiifaelite.com, you may want to ask Jason if you could act as a finder for him, for people in need of a Web site, since Jason created what you see at this FIIFA Elite site. He also created his own Web sites. (If you earn money this way, you get to keep it all for I do not participate in such Commissions or Finder's Fees)

After you join Jason and me via FIIFA Elite, Contact Jason and let him know your interest.

To Join FIIFA Elite click HERE...

To Join Jason at Our Mountain Growers click HERE...

I thank you for your time and for reading this lengthy Presentation.

With all of my heart, I wish you well...



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