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FIIFA Elite Welcomes People with Disability - What is Disability Anyway?

By: A. Dalli

Dear People Worldwide,

My name is Dalli and I am the founder of the following Web sites:

1) www.fiifaelite.com An International Association/People helping people. (A Humanitarian Site.)

2) www.dalli.com Real Estate and Humanitarian (The Sponsor of all 12 other Dalli Websites)

3) www.dalligold.comActing as a Gold Broker for Buyers and Sellers. Business and Humanitarian.

4) www.dalliandroyalty.comInviting Foreign Investors to buy Real Estate in the USA (StrictlyBusiness)

5) www.allnationsgottalent.com Free Entertainment for all, best seats in the House! (A FUN Humanitarian Site)

6) www.thedallitalentshow.com Inviting people Worldwide to participate (A Humanitarian Site)

7) www.dalliworksofartshowcase.comThis is Brand New, to Show Case Original Works of Art (Business)

8) www.dallifreeadvertising.comAs it implies, conditionally I am offering free Advertising.

9) www.funtasea.comMy Big Dream for deserving Seniors and to help Children

10) www.aquarant.netAbout my Invention (An Attraction for large Hotels in need of better occupancy)

11) www.win-win-win.usThis is a FUN Web site it contains several of my Concepts/Inventions... Enjoy...

12) www.floodsandforestfires.comThis is a Humanitarian site

13) www.thehonestlist.com This is a Positive one of a kind Site for Honest Gold Sellers and Gold Buyers.

The following Web site belongs to my Friend Jason Brown who happens to be my Web Master and I am recommending his site to you for good reasons, see: The 14th Wonderful Element

If you like what Jason Brown is offering, you will need to first join FIIFA Elite and then please contact him directly. I have nothing to do with his business in any shape or form... His contact info is on his site.

Just so you know I created FIIFA.com and www.dalli.com in 1998 in order to help people. FIIFA.com was a Finders Association and Dalli.com a Selling Company. Although I thought that combining the two was a good concept, things did not turn out as I hoped.

Recently I recreated FIIFA Elite with the help of my friend Jason Brown, (Web Master) to much more than what FIIFA used to be...

In order to see what the new FIIFA Elite is all about, click: www.fiifaelite.com.

The reason for this Presentation:

In order for FIIFA Elite Association to grow in numbers, I am inviting everyone to join FIIFA Elite for Free, however, I also decided to reach specific people such as Seniors and others that might have more Free time in their hands...

Today, February 6, 2015, I clicked on Google and typed in the following:

“How many people in the World are unable to walk for one reason or another?”

The response: “About 48,800,000”. I have no idea if this is an accurate number, however, even if the stated numbers are close to being correct, this is a large number of people unable to walk...

If you the reader is unable to walk but have access to a computer and able to type, you are far from being disabled. As a matter of fact, I need your help...

To see what I mean, you will need to see what I wrote on the above Web sites and see if any interest you.

If you wish to simply earn money, visit www.fiifaelite.com in order to see what this association is all about. (Free to join)

If you wish to earn money and help other people in the process, see/review my above Web sites as well as Jason Brown’s Web site. You may also want to see what I wrote for Seniors, see: www.fiifaelite.com/Seniors.php, especially so if you happen to be a Senior yourself or if someone dear to you happens to be a Senior...

Do you enjoy seeing the Olympic Games? Do you hate all Wars? See what I wrote regarding these two subjects at: http://fiifaelite.com/StopAllWars.php.

Above I stated that “I need you”... actually I do, I need you BIG TIME...

In order for the new FIIFA Elite Association to be successful and be in a position to help others, FIIFA Elite must grow in numbers. No ifs or buts...

Advertising is a numbers game, the more people that join FIIFA Elite, the better the chances for FIIFA Elite to succeed.

Presently, I cannot afford to advertise on TV which is the best form of advertising to reach a huge number of people, however, who knows, with your help and by Seniors helping and hopefully other people helping as well; in time I may be able to advertise on TV... One of my Dreams is to see my FUNTASEA Project come to be... My dreams are the reasons that have kept me going since 1972 when I conceived my Concept FUNTASEA, see: www.funtasea.com and my invention AQUARANT, see: www.aquarant.net.

In case you are wondering what it is that I am asking of you?

After you visit my Web sites and review their content, if you decide to join FIIFA Elite, it would be because you found something positive that interests you... Hence, if you do join FIIFA Elite, I am hoping that you will then spread the word regarding FIIFA Elite by contacting Family members, Friends and Associates that you may have... This is what I meant when I stated, “I need you BIG TIME”.

I sincerely hope that you will join FIIFA Elite not because it is Free to join but because you feel it is worthy of your time. To see how to join FIIFA Elite, click on: www.fiifaelite.com and follow through accordingly.

Thank you for reading this Presentation.



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