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FIIFA Elite is simply an Association of People wanting to earn money and at the same time help Humanity...

It does not cost any money to Join FIIFA Elite and all Associates are Independent Contractors; what this means is that the Ball is always in the Associates’ hands.

As an Associate you work when you have time and when you feel like it... ”Part Time”.

When I first created the old “FIIFA” I then felt that such an Association would be good for Students and Housewives, this is still true since Students and Housewives have limited time in their hands...

Honesty is my best policy:

As a FIIFA Associate working with me you could earn huge sums of money if you could afford not making money quickly, the reason being that I deal in high end items only. ($5 Million USD and above) See my Presentation at www.fiifaelite.com in order to understand what you are being offered by me.

On the other hand you could join FIIFA Elite and work with my friend Jason Brown and you may be able to earn money with him quicker because his offers are different; meaning that he deals in small investments as well as large investments. See: http://ourmountaingrowers.com/index.php

You have the right to work with me alone, with Jason alone or with both of us. The only requirement is that you do need to join FIIFA Elite. I repeat Joining is Free...

Before joining, I suggest that you first see what FIIFA Elite is all about... visit and review www.fiifaelite.com as well as my other presentations that could be seen by your clicking on the different Buttons on that very page.

I wish you well.



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